Jonathon Hess
CEO & Founder

After almost twenty years at Deloitte Consulting, Jon left his Senior Management position in 2016 to start Athos Health. Although he’s the first to say that running a company is anything but easy, Jon feels rewarded every day with the opportunity to be the solution part of people’s problems. “Any day I can help someone out of a desperate situation is a good day at work,” he said.

His diverse experience within the healthcare industry has truly made Jon a “healthcare hacker” and expert in the complex nature of the issues with the system and challenges facing the people who use it. Seeing first-hand the desperate need for consumer advocacy over the years ultimately drove him to begin creating a solution. Athos Health was born because he, and co-founder Ryan Malone, are passionate about helping people, and this remains at the core of the business to this day.

Jon has undergraduate degrees in Business Administration + Human Resource Management from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Booth School of Business with an MBA in Accounting + Finance, and a certificate in Health Administration + Policy. Jon finds a Zen moment by fishing in his kayak during summer mornings, his supply of dad jokes knows no bounds, and he is endlessly grateful for the support of his wife Deb on this journey called life.

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