Our Story

Jon Hess founded Athos Health because he firmly believes that patients shouldn't have to pay more than necessary for healthcare.

The motivation behind the founding of Athos can be traced back to a negative experience he had with the healthcare system. Jon's child was born with a congenital heart issue, requiring open heart surgery at a young age. Jon had great insurance and didn't expect to have any issues with the bill. Eighteen months after surgery, Jon received a collection notice in the mail stating that he owed $110,000 because the surgery had been denied. Luckily, Jon had looked at thousands of claims during his time in the revenue cycle practice at Deloitte Consulting, so he was able to determine what was wrong. After calling the hospital and the insurance company, the claim was corrected with him owing nothing. However, this experience really bothered Jon as he wondered what would happen to people who didn't work in the industry. Could they correct the claim? Would their families face life altering financial distress because of a simple mistake which they didn't make?  

Unfortunately, the sad truth is the patient is stuck between the healthcare systems and insurance systems without a real voice when something goes wrong. It is a frustrating and scary experience. While Athos can't change the U.S. Healthcare system, we can be an advocate for patients and bring them the compassionate and knowledgeable support they need.

Now, Athos Advocates proudly help patients understand their benefit options, navigate the healthcare system, and alleviate financial distress. Over the years Athos Health has evolved to offer solutions that keep pace with industry changes. However, the values that Athos Health was built on have stayed the same.

Athos is guided by our founding Principles

finding simple solutions to complex problems

taking ownership of our goals and responsibilities

practicing compassion and empathy in all situations

remaining curious and passionate about learning

fostering honesty and transparent communication

Our Founder

Jonathon Hess
CEO & Founder
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Career Opportunities

We currently do not have any open positions but we are always looking for people who are committed to fixing the problems in healthcare. Send us an email with your resume at .

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