October Updates


If you’ve been following our content over the past year then you’re probably familiar with the Healthcare Hackr series, where CEO Jon Hess shares bits of his in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system. Our resident Hackr decided to shake things up a little during the month of October and share some of the wild stories he’s heard firsthand that are seemingly right out of the Healthcare Twighlight the time an Athos Employee had a bike accident and was initially charged to remove the tooth he walked in with in his hand. If you missed out on any of these, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - Healthcare Twilight Zone playlist.

This playlist has all the videos in the series for you to access anytime—be sure to check these and the rest of our Hackr videos out anytime on our YouTube channel and feel free to leave questions or topic suggestions in the comments! We love to hear from you and your question could be addressed in an upcoming video.



Although we’ve all been living with the reality of Covid for over a year, it’s still a hot topic, especially now as guidelines and financial assistance programs have been changing. This information is important for everyone to know in order to realistically prepare and make smart decisions if you or your family need care due to the virus. Jon was interviewed this month by Wink News for a story that covers what to expect financially if you are in this unfortunate situation - Cost of Care: The price tag forCovid-19 treatment



Stay tuned during the month of November for lots of important information about open enrollment, and the exciting launch of our member portal re-design! This will include brand-new resources that share our expert information and advice on all healthcare topics... and hopefully help you stay out of the Healthcare TwilightZone!  

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