Healthcare Hacks: Tips and tricks consumers can use to navigate the healthcare system.

In partnership with Minneapolis news channel KARE 11, Athos Health CEO Jonathan Hess started a YouTube series called Healthcare Hacks.

The goal of the weekly video series is to provide consumers with short topical videos containing tricks and tips consumers can use to navigate the healthcare system and avoid unnecessary expenses. Currently there has been five episodes published with the first providing advise on open enrollment. Although the series is primarily consumer based, we apply the same ideas to employers and employees to reduce health care expenses.

Choosing the right insurance plan for you and your family.

Open enrollment time is almost over but it is important to know which plan to choose. Episode one discusses knowing the difference between an HMO/PPO health insurance plan and a high deductible plan with a Health Savings Account is important because each have their pros and cons depending on the family. A high deductible plan can benefit a young, healthy family because you’ll be saving money on premiums while putting away tax-free dollars that can be used to pay the higher deductible. If your family frequents the doctor more the PPO/HMO plan might be the better option since you’ll pay less for frequent office visits. One important pointer within the first episode is that you should choose a plan that corresponds with your preferred providers and hospitals because if they’re out of network, you’ll pay more.

There are a couple of documents that you should cross-reference before you pay any medical bill.

Episode 2 focuses on the tools you need to double check your medical bills to ensure that you and your employees aren’t being overcharged. It is crucial to compare the bill from the provider and your EOB (explanation of benefits) from the insurance company, because if these two things don’t match you’ve got a problem. Both providers and insurance companies make mistakes. With immense experience navigating the healthcare industry, Athos thrives to help its members avoid unnecessary healthcare costs.

Athos will apply the same ideas and concepts to help you and your employees save money.

Contact us at to learn how we can help your organization and click the link to watch Healthcare Hacks with Athos CEO, Jon Hess. Remember, choosing the right plan and double checking your bills can save you money and Athos is here to help through the healthcare journey.

Links to the Episodes

Click here to watch Episode 1 - Choosing the right insurance plan

Click here to watch Episode 2 - How to double check your medical bill

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