Get Organized — Use This Checklist for Smart Healthcare Management

You’ve done the responsible thing and enrolled in a health insurance plan, that’s great! And super important. But do you feel prepared when the time comes to actually use it? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information to sort through, and many Americans admit they never really feel confident about how to use their insurance and forget they even have it until they need it or receive late fees for a neglected bill. Setting aside some time now to get organized with a few simple steps can squash that uncertainty and give you peace of mind for the rest of the year.

Complete this checklist and you’ll feel more in control of your healthcare and prepared for any routine or surprise situation.

Go paperless!

Have you ever gotten a bill via snail mail for something you thought you already paid for online? Going paperless is an option that almost all companies offer these days, and it is an easy switch that everyone should consider making. Not only will it declutter your mailbox and recycle bin but viewing and storing all your documents in one place online can help avoid confusion, make information easier to find, and save a few trees!


Set up automatic payments for your monthly premiums

This is another simple step you can take to avoid late fees and the hassle of logging in each month to manually pay your premium. If you’re uncomfortable with the autopay system but still want to get this chore off your to-do list, try setting up a reminder email or reoccurring calendar alert when your bill is coming up due.


Keep the basics of your plan handy

Although it’s good to have a complete breakdown of your benefits, there are really just a few key things you will need to reference frequently. Locate the following important info and make sure it’s easy to access by bookmarking where it’s stored on your member portal or writing yourself a good ol’ fashioned cheat sheet!

- Member / group number

- Rx bin number

- Deductible, copay / coinsurance info, and out of pocket maximum

- Bonus points for emergency coverage and out-of-network options!

Don’t forget your dental and/or vision plan!

Many people get dental and vision coverage independent of their medical insurance and may be required to pay separate premiums. If this applies you, complete this checklist for those plans as well!

At this point you may be feeling on top of your healthcare game and ready to set it and forget it! But if you’re hungry for more, here area few extra things you check

Make sure your Personal Health Information (PHI) is secure 

Of course, the golden rule of security is ensuring you use a strong, unique password, but consider using a password manager to double-down on your online security across the board. If you are still concerned about having your PHI online, ask your provider for details about their data security solution and find out how your information is being stored and who has access to it.

Set up a system for checking your claim summary against your medical bills

If you or members of your family receive frequent medical care, it might be worth creating a spreadsheet or balance system to keep track and make certain you are not overpaying for services. Check that your bills match the amount owed listed on your claim summary and address any discrepancies that you uncover!

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