August Updates

During August, we focused on developing resources specifically for brokers and consultants in the healthcare industry. Brokers and consultants are often the first contacts for HR departments when one of their employees’ healthcare services is denied, or when something about their plan offering is insufficient. These calls take time and effort to resolve for both parties, and as a broker you always want your client to leave the situation happy and feeling taken care of.

We wanted to round up the materials we’ve shared this month and highlight some of the most useful tidbits for brokers and consultants that may be dealing with these types of issues. Watch our four-video series of Healthcare Hacks for brokers on our YouTube Channel. Each episode contains information and tips straight from our CEO (and resident “healthcare hackr”) Jon.

Healthcare Hacks for Brokers

Beyond Cost: What are other questions to ask as broker recommending a plan change.

Understand the key considerations when recommending a plan to a client, beyond just the cost.

A Hidden Problem with Reference-Based Pricing Health Plans.

Why we don’t recommend a reference-based pricing plan, and the hidden costs associated with them.

The Fine Print – How plan exclusions lead to unhappy members and clients.

How to lessen those problem calls from clients by getting out in front of standard issues.

Member Q&A – Questions from Benefits Brokers and Consultants

Hear answers to real questions received by brokers this month.

Case Study with MEC

This month we also published a short case study that shows the value of Health Advocacy with one of our long-term clients, MEC. They brought Athos Health on to help their employees transition through a major healthcare plan change. Download the full case study to read about how having Athos Advocates on their team affected MEC’s HR Manager and their employees during and after the plan change, and the strategies we used to ensure it was a success.

Let's Talk!

If you are a broker or consultant, or an HR manager wanting help with anything healthcare related from picking an initial plan, to dealing with complex issues facing an employee you serve—we are here to help! Let’s have a conversation about working together to make healthcare more affordable, simple, and easier to use for those who need it.

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