Athos Health can help end the healthcare billing roller coaster ride.

Many of us have received a surprise medical bill, a balance bill, or a letter from a collection agency informing you that your insurance was not paying for a claim and that it had been taken to collections for an excessive amount. (Oh, and please pay now. Or else.)

For many receiving a collection letter will cause your stomach to drop and cause fear to enter your mind. How am I going to pay this? Would I lose my retirement? Would I have to file bankruptcy? What if I couldn’t provide for my family? Thankfully there are options to resolve situations like this. Athos Health’s advocacy program is designed to help and resolve situations like this.

Athos Health’s CEO, Jon Hess has over 25 years of experience navigating the healthcare system and is an expert at bringing clarity to an unclear process so that we can inform decision making and empower consumers. The result is reduced overall cost of healthcare.

Knowledge relieves fear

Healthcare finance is an area to which Jon has dedicated most of his professional life to, so he knows a great deal about our healthcare system. Our advocates understand that many unexpected expenses are in error and somewhere along the fragmented, complex billing process, something went wrong.

All it takes in some cases are a few phone calls to address billing errors. The funny thing about powerful emotions like fear, though, is that even when you think you’ve dealt with them, they’re imprinted on your psyche and recalled every time you remember the circumstances.

That’s why Athos Advocacy can help

Collection letters were one of the driving reasons Jon co-founded Athos Health. How many people out there are faced with unexpected healthcare bills? How many of those bills are in error? Most importantly, who is helping those people?

“My fear now guides me to provide a voice for those who lack experience in the system.” -Jon Hess, CEO

Healthcare finance is complex and difficult to understand, but we can help. Athos’s Advocacy product was created to provide a voice, expertise, and comfort to take fear out of the healthcare billing process.

It’s time you had someone on your side

Contact us or have your employer contact us for information about how we can help take the fear out of healthcare. Athos can help end the healthcare billing roller coaster ride for you or your employees and in turn save you and your organization money.

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We want to know:

Have you, or anyone you love, had a problem with a healthcare bill that would have been better with someone on your side?

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